Holmes Quick Reference Guide for Parents
A student who arrives late to school (after 8:00) must  CHECK IN in the Main Office and get a pass before he/she goes to his/her locker and class.  Any student who does not check in may receive disciplinary consequences.


If you need to check your student out during the day, your student should bring  a note to turn in to the Main Office.  You may also call the Main Office (734)744-2675 ext. 38914 before 11:00 to check your child out. Students who receive a pass to leave during the school day should keep the pass until the time indicated on it, show it to their teacher at the appropriate time, go to their locker, and then go to the Main Office to check out.  Students may not leave the school building during the day without checking out.


Our secondary teachers take attendance hourly and this attendance can be viewed within minutes of the teacher entering the absence into the computer.  Parents of absent middle school students will receive a phone call regarding absences during the morning or later in the afternoon.


If a student will be absent for three consecutive days, parents may use the Absent Student Homework Request form.  The completed request should be available after 3:00pm the following school day.

If you do not have access to a computer, please call the Planning Room Supervisor at (734)744-2675 ext. 38971.  You can also visit the teacher's web pages to view assignments that have been posted.  Many times this will alleviate the need for a Homework Request.

PLEASE NOTE:  Homework requests for less than 3 days are at the discretion of each teacher and are handled by the individual teachers.