Holmes Middle School
2014-15 End of the Semester Schedule
1st Semester

We will end the 1st Semester in January with each class’s culminating activities like we did at the end of last school year.  Students will be attending two class periods each day starting on Tuesday, January 20th (NO SCHOOL on Monday, June 19th.  Each class will be approximately three (3) hours which gives teachers time to bring closure to the semester.  Activities could include speeches, labs, review, writings, and/or final tests.  Feedback from parents, staff, and students was very positive after last year so we will follow a similar schedule.  This format allows students to concentrate on just two classes each day and lets staff guide our students through this process.  The length of the day stays the same.  There will be scheduled breaks for each session.  Thank you for all your comments as we are committed to continuous improvement.

We are so proud of our students and their efforts.  This is a community of learners and we are proud to be the administrators of such an outstanding school.  We look forward to seeing you at our events and as always, appreciate your support.  

Again, the objectives of these culminating activities are as follows:  

1.  Allow staff to guide students through a process of taking a final before the stakes are very high.(ie. high school)

2.  Provide a framework in which a culminating activity can take place for teachers and students.

3.  Provide a block of time in which teachers could implement a curricular activity that requires an extended amount of time.

4.  Prevent students from having more than two culminating activities on the same day.

Other information:
  • Students will be allowed to water bottles during the class period.  Snacks and such are up to the discretion of the classroom teacher.
  • The building tone will be one of academics.  This is not a time for parties, end of the semester celebrations and such.  Again, our goal is to prep them for the High School Experience when final exams will be taking place in all classes. 
  • Once again, students will have two class sessions per day, lasting approx three hours.  If a "final" type exam is given, it will not last the entire period.  In most cases, students will participate in some sort of review activity to help them prep for the final.