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Rules for Attending Sporting Events

The following spectator guidelines must be followed:

  1. Spectators must stay in bleachers or stands. Spectators cannot mingle with athletes or coaches.
  2. Noisemakers or student-generated signs or banners are not allowed.
  3. Students may not wander in the building during athletic contests.
  4. All practices are closed. Spectators are not allowed to observe practices or interfere with them in any way.
  5. If a student is absent from school the day of a sports event, he/she is not eligible to attend the sports event.
  6. Only team members can ride the team bus along with coaches. Spectators cannot ride the team bus.
  7. Remember that courtesy is of extreme importance at all sports events. Disruptive or inappropriate conduct can result in removal from the activity and further disciplinary actions.
  8. Spectators will be expected to maintain the same academic standards as the athletes.
  9. Students wishing to stay for Athletic events after school MAY stay at the building.  There will be a designated place in which they can complete homework and/or assignments. 
  10. If a student leaves the building from the study hall or the activity they cannot return. 
  11. All students wishing to stay for after school events must be in good academic standing.