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Cell Phone Policy

Holmes Cell Phone Policy

It is our expectation for our Hawks students that cell phones are not used during the course of the school day. All personal electronics should remain out of sight and NOT in use during the school day.  Students can put their cell phones in their purse or their drawstring bag.

Telephones are available in the main office and in every classroom should they need one.

Using a cellular telephone, smartphone, or similar electronic device in any manner that disrupts the educational environment or violates the rights of others, including using the device to take photographs in the bathroom, locker room or of any person anywhere on school grounds who does not give permission violates student conduct and is subject to discipline.  In particular, it is not acceptable to create and send, share, view, receive, or possess any indecent visual depiction of oneself or others.

All cellular phones, smartphones, and other electronic devices must be kept out of sight and silent during the
regular school day unless:

  • The supervising teacher grants permission
  • It is needed in an emergency that threatens a person’s safety
  • The use of the device is provided in a student's IEP or 504 plan

If a student is violating this policy, it will be reported to an administrator.  The electronic item will be turned in to the main office for the student to pick up at the end of the day.  If further concerns arise, the device will require parent/guardian pick up from the main office.

It is our expectation that our Hawks students will adhere to this policy and we as a staff are committed to teaching and reinforcing this cell phone policy.  We understand the potential benefits of the cell phone as a resource, but we do not want to lose sight of the fact that we are in the people business.  Thank you for supporting our efforts to make our students adept interpersonal communicators!