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Dress Code

Student Dress Code


The purpose of a dress code is to provide and maintain a safe school environment that is conducive to students learning.  Our dress code is reflective of a gender-neutral set of guidelines that maintains a level of decorum and provides a fair and equitable education.  The style and manner in which a student dresses while attending school and school-related functions is largely the responsibility of the student and the student’s parents/guardians. The staff at Holmes believes that students should be able to express themselves while also feeling safe and comfortable at school, and that a student’s attire and mindset can help support their learning.

Students MUST wear:

  • A shirt that covers the torso and chest, is fitted under the arms, and that covers undergarments 
  • Bottoms (pants, shorts, skirts, dresses, leggings, etc.) that do not expose undergarments, buttocks, or genitals. 
  • Shoes that are appropriate for school activities.  Staff may determine the appropriateness of a student's footwear based on specific class activities.

Students CANNOT wear: 

  • Outerwear such as coats, blankets, sunglasses, etc.
  • Hats, hoods, or durags (head scarves and religious head coverings are permitted)
  • Images or language depicting drugs, alcohol, pornography, or violence 
  • Clothing with hate speech or profanity 
  • Any other image or language that creates a hostile or intimidating classroom environment or significantly disrupts school.

Students have four options if they choose not to dress appropriately for school:

  • Change into clothes that a student has in his/her locker.
  • Change into clothes that the office keeps on hand.
  • Call home and have a parent bring up appropriate clothes.
  • Be removed from school for non-compliance.

Consequences: Students who violate this policy during the school day may be sent to the Main Office and held out of class until the violation is corrected using one of the above four options.  Repeat violations will result in disciplinary action ranging from warning to suspension.

Dress Code applies to all school activities.